I grew up in a country where shaming is a lifelong tradition for positioning someone in society. What makes us escape our own country and how do we live based on values we once learnt and always questioned? How do we struggle, allow and accept? Aidos talks about the idea behind what we see, what we feel, how we express desire and what we believe is possible, all filtered through, and constrained by, society. In my effort to draw the portrait of Greece in transition, 8 years after I left my country, I came across a constant worry steaming from comparison of the self’s state of being with the ideal social context’s standard. Keeping in mind the idea of naivety behind our choices, the series is a journey towards what is meant to be home and an effort for closeness to what is left behind as a family. In Greek mythology, Aidos was the goddess of shame, modesty and humility.


Julien MAUVE