Ainsi parlait Zarathoustra


One of the oldest religion in the world, the zoroastrism, little known nowadays, survives in Iran, its native country. During the Antiquity, persan people believed in a supreme and immatrial god, Ahura Mazda, creator of the sky and the earth. Taking its name from the “prophet” Zarathoustra, this religion lays on the conviction that men are made of as much good as bad, and that they have the responsability to choose light or darkness. At that time, this faith spread through all the persian empire, but it considerably reduced while muslims arrived in the VIIth centhury. Since then, zoroastrians mainly and discreetly survive in Iran, India and Iraqi Kurdistan. For a few years, more and more muslim people turned to this three millenary religion. Notwithstanding, hence the growth of the community, a tension arose with the iranian government that indirectly invites to quietness and discretion.


Julien MAUVE