Julien MAUVE

L’île aux libellules



HyBrazil is a phantom island, appearing in different locations on nautical charts as early as 1325. Many ancient stories depicts the island. According to the legend, it is a cradle of an advanced society that has remained hidden until nowadays, veiled as it is by thick fog, which has kept it from being discovered. In 1850, the island completely disappeared from every maps.

I went searching for this mysterious island and found it in Japan. These 21 pictures in the series come from the Island of Dragonflies (Akitsu Shima), the name of which echoes nature’s powerful place in the Japanese imagination. On this island, humans seem to have suddenly disappeared. What remains are some sorts of ruins, lost in the middle of abundant nature which seems to retake its rights. Have these sites been definitely abandoned or just isolated from the rest of humanity?


Julien MAUVE