Emilien URBANO

War of a Forgotten Nation – Le Réveil Kurde



The struggle against the Islamic State organization led to unit populations from this territory without state, divided between Turquey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. The photographer Emilien Urbano met Iraqi peshmergas, Kobane fighters, and Yezidis refugees expressing the renewal of Kurdish national feeling.
Since the summer of 2014, during multiple stays in the various fronts of this territory, he has been visually documenting the birth of this new Kurdistan made of numerous expansions of this unique war. His work tells the sudden entrance of war in cities previously isolated from one another and its presence in the gestures, the bodies of farmers, storkeepers, schoolchildren, unemployed persons, or dental surgeons that turned into refugees, fighters or corpses left by the roadside, abducting them from their parallel exitencies to merge them in a dead end chaos.

Allan Kaval


URBANO Emilien
Julien MAUVE