The exhibition Levallois Price, 10 years!

Prix Levallois, 10 ans ! A collection of photographs
This is a celebration of the 10 years of the Prix Levallois, presented in the City Hall VIP Room from October 6 to October 21. It enlightens the first decade laureates and is conceived from the collection of photographs conserved through the years.

The diversity of approaches — from the choice of subjects to the artistic forms — shows a profusion of propositions and the openness that contemporary photography offers.

The opening will be on Friday, October 5, from 7:00 PM, in the attendance of some laureates whom already have confirmed their presence.

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The exhibition Arles Levallois Price, 10 years!

The Prix Levallois will be associated with the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Rencontres d’Arles.

The exhibition celebrating the 10 years of the Prix Levallois will be presented in 2019 in an emblematic place of young artistic creation in Arles.

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The "Levallois Price, 10 years!" video

En 2018, le Prix Levallois fête ses 10ans. grâce à cet anniversaire, la ville de Levallois rappelle son attachement à la liberté de création et sa volonté de favoriser son rayonnement artistique et culturel.

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The word of Stephane Decreps

The Levallois Price is celebrating its first decade. I remember exactly my interview with Paul Frèches, curator of the Levallois Photography Festival. I had just suggested him to continue the mission of Mark Grosset, who was already extremly sick,and who died the following August.Paul explaioned me that to “boost” the Festival, we had to create a Price. The first vocation of the Festival was to present the young photographers. This is how the Levallois Price is born, and it open to this generation of artists, faintly or not recognized at all by the great cultural institutions, collector and wide public.
That is why, for ten years, the Levallois Price rewards photographers of less than 35 years old which represents a liberty of tone and a great diversity of the art, as contemporary photography is an impressive laboratory of exploration and creativity.
Each year, fifteen nominee are selected by artistic directors.Their files are presented and defended impartially and with goodwill in front of a jury to elect the winner of the Levallois Price. He will receive a dotation of 10 000€. The Special Mention will receive a DSLR camera.The whole amators of photography can vote in line for their “crush” photographer. The most acclaimed will become the Price of the Public.
The Levallois Price is a moment of discovery and a first recognition for artists. We bet on the long run. Hindsight, time and continuity bring to the Price its value and I am actually glad to see that the Levallois Price has become a reference concerning young international photographic creation.
I thank every one who have shared this adventure with us: Paul Frèches, Fannie Escoulen, Catherine Dérioz and Jacques Damez of the Le Réverbère gallery, who repris le flambeau???. I also want to thank these thousands of young photographers put their trust in us. In the end, a special thank to mily Gervais-Ledoux, Director of the Cultural Affairs, who has beared with me, from the firt time, this ambition

Stephane Decreps

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